CARMEL, INDIANA, UNITED STATES, March 21, 2023 / — Being a woman in corporate America often means facing gender discrimination in the workplace. But if you’re a Black woman, or woman of color, these hurdles are often intensified by racial disparities, making it even more difficult to navigate your way to the top of the corporate ladder. That’s why you need to seek out an accomplished professional to encourage, empower, and motivate you to make strategic plans to move forward so you can to be ready to face challenges head on and meet your maximum potential.

Tracy Edmonds is a highly regarded Executive coach and the founder and CEO of TJE Coaching and Consulting, committed to supporting high-achieving women in Mid-level and Senior management positions to get hired and promoted into leadership roles.

“I have years of experience navigating corporate America, as a Black woman, traversing from the bottom of an organization to the top leadership roles. My life’s passion and purpose is to use all my experience and coaching skills to strengthen, affirm, and inspire high achieving women of color and help them create successful careers on their own terms. Part of my work is to encourage my clients to express their inner confidence and develop a personal leadership brand, that is authentic and reflects the unique value they bring to organizations and the world. Not only do I help women expand and sharpen their skills, I assist them with shifting their mindset to let go of limiting beliefs that are preventing them from actively pursuing their leadership goals and dreams so they can find their unique path to success.”

Tracy has years of experience leading and coaching professional women and has assisted hundreds of women in getting promoted, finding new career paths, identifying goals, and establishing ways to manage their time that fulfills them. Tracy credits her success in part to her loving upbringing and a supportive father who let her know at an early age and in no uncertain terms that she will always have to work harder as a Black woman. Tracy grew determined to pursue a path of making a change for African American women everywhere. She offers personalized services to empower Black women, in particular, to thrive in their careers and to get hired and promoted into the job of their dreams.

While Tracy acknowledges we have made strides in paving the way for more women to enter the C-Suite, women are still earning less than their male counterparts, getting fewer promotions, and continue to be underrepresented in the highest leadership positions.

Tracy says many strong women still struggle with self-doubt and belief that they are not enough; and that can create the Imposter Syndrome. That’s why Tracy encourages women to be graciously and unapologetically authentic. Women should ignore society’s expectations that they should behave less than or differently than who they are, she emphasizes, because she says, “when we are aligned with our values and recognize what makes us unique, we are able to lead more effectively and authentically. And that inspires others to follow us.”

Tracy also supports women who are overwhelmed and unfulfilled in their career to find their inner purpose and reclaim their lives so they can show up as the extraordinary women they are capable of being.

Leadership is a critical focus of Tracy’s coaching work and to give emerging females the opportunities to showcase their capabilities and leadership brand.

“You do not have to be in a leadership role to have a leadership brand because your leadership brand articulates who you are any level. It’s important as women to ask ourselves what are the unique talents and experiences we bring to the table, what can we do like no one else, and how do those components come together to positively impact the world.”

In her book, Wild Hair, A Courageous Woman’s Guide to a Bold and Authentic Career, Tracy covers her journey in corporate America and the lessons she learned and shared with other women. The book helps women find their authentic voice to become leaders who lead with humility and self-awareness, to become the best version of themselves.

Another critical part of Tracy’s work is as a diversity, equity and inclusion strategist. Her goal is to help organizations create environments where all employees feel valued, accepted, and included regardless of their unique differences.

“When organizations are successful, everyone feels they can bring their unique ideas, the playing field is level, and everyone can absolutely thrive,” she says.

In fact, Tracy is proud to acknowledge that Black women owned businesses are transforming communities and bringing about positive change worldwide.

Tracy prides herself on her keen ability to listen and to connect with her clients with her no-nonsense, down to earth approach, warmth, and candor. She also says it’s not solely about our education and skills that are necessary to succeed in our careers; it’s how we package our unique gifts to impact this world positively and unwaveringly.

“We each have the capability to make our dreams come to fruition. It’s about mindset, recognizing you totally have what it takes to create the career you want. You are enough. You have all that you need to get started.”

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