VALENCIA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 16, 2023 / — In these times of great uncertainty strong leadership is more crucial than ever before. From unprecedented changes in the workplace where the traditional “command and control,” way of leading is no longer fully embraced, it’s imperative that leaders are better equipped to inspire and motivate others with a more respected, inclusive, and collaborative approach. To create workplaces where everyone feels known, valued and supported. The fact is, leaders need to lead differently, foster open and transparent communication, and encourage more work life integration. But how does one lead in such challenging times? One of the most optimal ways to learn leadership skills is by working with highly skilled professional coaches that give you greater clarity about your own leadership and a new perspective or way of thinking about your life and work that will support you to create lasting and positive change.

Tess Cox is an esteemed Executive Leadership Coach, Consultant, Trainer, highly sought after Speaker, and Author of The Leadership Blueprint: Becoming the Architect of your Life and Work. Chelsea is a highly sought after Leadership Coach and Consultant. Tess and Chelsea are a dynamic mother-daughter team who coach individually and alongside each other when working with teams and organizational cultures. Together they are making a notable impact on the lives they coach, whether it is an Owner of a business, Executive & Committee, employees or team – they influence the productivity and positivity of the organizational culture.

Says Tess, “We are a leadership coaching company that adds value in supporting our clients to inwardly align within their work and life with their core values – while pursuing their work aspirations and objectives, along with strategies to reach their life’s goals. Coaching is transformative and at the heart of our coaching, we build deep connections with our clients because a trusting coach/ client relationship is foundational to us. As we establish full engagement and commitment with our client, our coaching guides our client to have greater knowledge about themselves. With a greater sense of self, they better understand their mindsets, choices and behaviors, which leads their present decision-making capabilities and influences their future outcomes.”

Tess explains that in today’s constantly evolving, discerning workforce, individuals seek more heightened workplace satisfaction that is more meaningful, flexible, and tailored to their specific roles and responsibilities. As such, the work force is taking their careers into their own hands. Tess’ pivotal role supports clients to hold themselves accountable in order to reach their desired goals. Ultimately, their clients thrive when they take full responsibility for their personal and professional growth and development.

Chelsea states, “We empower, motivate, and encourage our clients to identify and overcome self-defeating thoughts and feelings so they can make specific shifts in behavior and acquire positive mindsets. Coaching helps our clients live their truth, fulfill their potential, and achieve their goals. In fact, we model the same behavior and attitudes that we also coach our clients. The reality is, leadership is the key to knowing the desires of our own hearts and inner being, in order to lead ourselves effectively, which gives us the greater ability to lead others, as well.”

Chelsea places a strong emphasis on the importance of managing one’s own energy, so we can stay at peak performance and improve our overall well-being. When we tune into our energy, she says, we create a more positive inward flow and begin to live with more clarity and make choices to live more balanced lives. Coaching helps us explore ways to know ourselves internally, an important component to personal and professional growth and development. Tess and Chelsea utilize several tools in their toolbox providing the resources needed for clients to choose their desired outcomes. Ultimately, mindsets, choices and behaviors not only transform the individual, team and/or culture, but everything and everyone working together. Coaching creates a profound change that is more positive and productive in all aspects of their work and lives.

Tess and Chelsea both bring a depth of wisdom, knowledge, and experience to their coaching and consulting.

As a young child, Chelsea was a talented gymnast through her Jr. year in college and coached gymnastics, as well. This taught her a strong sense of commitment to herself and to her team and the importance of consistent practice, and hard work. As an adult she began working in the hospitality industry operating luxury & lifestyle hotels throughout Los Angeles, New York City & Nashville. Although she enjoyed the business aspect of her job, she thrived in her ability to connect with guests and clients. She had a great capacity for solving challenging situations. After a decade of success in hospitality, she decided it was time to follow and further her purpose and calling to become a leadership coach. She joined her mom Tess and they are living out their dreams of coaching leadership to individuals and teams with their TC&A proven methodology, which has created incredible success.

Through her coaching and consulting work throughout the U.S., England and Singapore, Tess works with leaders to promote and foster the 5 C’s of Leadership, which are character, competence, consistency, creativity, and confidence. She teaches and mentors clients to engage in self-leadership, knowledge, and accountability. Clients acquire the right mindset, deepen their self-awareness, discover their strengths, and gaps, along with enhancing their leadership skills in communication, collaboration, problem solving and envisioning more for their future, as well as the organizations future to reach its greatest potential.

Tess wrote a book, The Leadership Blueprint: Becoming the Architect of your Life and Work an essential guide on successfully reaching our full potential. It is an absolute must read if you’re looking to expand your leadership skills.

A cross functional communication approach is also a fundamental part of their work, inspiring individuals, teams, and organizations, to perform well together by collaborating more effectively, bringing more innovative ideas, and driving more meaningful results.

“We help our clients sharpen their skills to create new mindsets and behaviors that successfully help them lead and manage today’s complex challenges. We provide coaching support, so they lead more consciously and create transformational change in their leadership and life.”

Tess states, “Coaching is deeply rooted in gratitude, which can help reframe negative thoughts. Gratitude keeps us grounded and appreciating all of the good things in our lives.”

Chelsea wholeheartedly agrees stating, “The best leaders always bring their whole selves to work, which means showing up authentically and tapping into their own and appropriate vulnerability. As a leader is rooted in their own appreciation for their lives and the work they do, one can lead with a strong sense of self and confidence. And, due to the new hybrid work environment, the way we work and live has changed now more than ever. People value a stronger company culture and leaders that bring a strong understanding of themselves and lead with gratitude for others and a deeper sense of wanting the well-being of others to be fully lived, while working towards a meaningful goal.”

Tess and Chelsea share deep-seated values of respect, empathy, and are curious, in regards to their clients. Every client has an interesting and powerful story. They wholeheartedly agree that their coaching creates and provides a ripple effect of value for life and work, because who you are and what you do has a tremendous impact on us all.

Mother and daughter agree, “they lead themselves…first” and every one of us are worthy of living meaningful and purpose filled lives. Leadership coaching is a positive and proven approach to discovering new found awareness that incites long lasting and sustainable change. It shifts our way of being so we pursue our ambitions with self-assurance and discover the infinite possibilities to succeed in all areas of our lives. Their mission is to leverage the incredible power of coaching and to empower, inspire, and transform the many lives they touch.

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