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DUBAI, UAE, October 5, 2022 / — LIV Golf, the FIFA World Cup Qatar, Formula 1 Abu Dhabi, and the Grand Prix are all major sports franchises that have come to the Middle East in the last few years. In the wake of the pandemic, the appetite for sporting events and entertainment is hotter than it has ever been. Now, Dubai’s first international pro-wrestler is setting his sights on the WWE.

Mohammad Saif, who goes by the stage name Shaheen has been perfecting his skill in the ring for more than three years. Since its founding in 2022, Shaheen has performed at WrestleFest DXB, the Middle East’s premiere wrestling event where adoring fans eagerly cheer on his performances and delight in his unique style in the ring. In only six months, the event has garnered worldwide attention, including from one of the largest wrestling podcast which boasts more than 800,000 subscribers, and from internationally-acclaimed wrestlers hungry to take to the ring in Dubai.

“I want to bring high-quality wrestling to Dubai. I know that there is a strong market here and a desire to watch live wrestling,” explains Mohammad Saif, Dubai World Wrestling Champion. “Until recently, fans here have been stuck watching the sport on TV or when the odd event came to town they could try to get tickets. With the support of my community, we launched the monthly WrestleFest DXB. We launched firstly, to let fans watch entertaining and athletic wrestling live at a venue where they could hear the crowds cheering, they could get to know the wrestlers, and develop a relationship with those in the ring and secondly, to let wrestlers like me who train relentlessly have the opportunity to perform in the ring in front of large audiences. WrestleFest DXB has been received very well. We have official support from the government and of course, the fans have been wonderful. I’m hoping to bring a much wider audience to the sport within Dubai and I would like to one day see Dubai represented internationally in the wrestling world. My dream would be to step into the ring in a WWE match. The future looks very bright!”

Shaheen is confident in wrestling’s future in the Dubai market. In WrestleFest DXB’s second edition, the event received accreditation from the Dubai Sports Council, the official sports governing body of Dubai. In July of 2022, the country’s first official world wrestling championship was introduced in a match between Shaheen & one of the UK’s top wrestlers, Dan Moloney.

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