Radio host Patzi Gil welcomes Douglas Brunt to “Joy on Paper” on Thursday, March 16.

On March 16 Patzi Gil commemorates the anniversary of her radio show “Joy on Paper” by welcoming novelist Douglas Brunt, husband of TV journalist Megyn Kelly.

I have spoken to more than 250 New York Times best-selling authors, and I’m very proud that many debut authors and Indie authors have joined me to celebrate the release of their books.”
— Patzi Gil

CLEARWATER, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, March 13, 2023 / — America’s Book Lover Patzi Gil celebrates the 8th anniversary of her nationally syndicated radio program “Joy on Paper” by welcoming novelist Douglas Brunt Thursday, March 16. “Joy on Paper” is heard in the Tampa Bay area on WTAN 1340-AM and 106.1-FM, Tuesdays and Thursdays, at 11 a.m. (Eastern Time). It’s also available at

Brunt, former president and CEO of the cyber-security firm Authentium, is author of “Ghosts of Manhattan,” “The Means,” and “Trophy.” His new book, “The Mysterious Case of Rudolf Diesel: Genius, Power, and Deception on the Eve of World War I,” will be released in September. His podcast “Dedicated” features award-winning authors. Brunt is married to Megyn Kelly, journalist and media personality who hosts “The Megyn Kelly Show,” airing daily on SiriusXM.

New York Times best-selling-author Jay Winik says this about Brunt’s book: “Equal parts Walter Isaacson and Sherlock Holmes, ‘The Mysterious Case of Rudolf Diesel’ yanks back the curtain on the greatest caper of the 20th century in this riveting history.”

Little wonder, then, that Patzi tapped Brunt for her anniversary show.

Gil launched “Joy on Paper” eight years ago. At the time, she had no experience in radio or publishing. On the plus side, she’d read 10,000 books and owned 6,432.

“When I first got the idea, it was a whim,” the popular radio host said. “I never imagined it would grow into a magical carpet.”

And what a magic ride it’s been, with a tapestry of gold and silver threads.

“I have spoken to more than 250 New York Times best-selling authors and a dozen global best-selling authors,” she said, “and I’m very proud that many debut authors and Indie authors have joined me to celebrate the release of their books.”

Like any journey, it’s people met and relationships made that add sparkle and spice. Here’s a sampling of what went into the special sauce that makes “Joy on Paper” successful:

Natalie Thomas, Patzi’s sister — Connoisseur of Cozy Mysteries. “She has an amazing talent to spot new and talented authors. One of her finds was Rita Moreau. The other is Carol J. Perry.”

Rita Moreau, contributor of Book Buzz: The Best of Mysteries — Moreau is author of “The Ghost & Camper Kooky Mysteries.” She contributes quick, lively, summaries of the best-of-the-best mysteries on the market.

Davon Miller, contributor of Book Buzz: Children’s Book — This past Christmas Davon did a review about “The Christmas Princess,” Mariah Carey’s self-esteem children’s book. Davon is author of the “Mr. Tickety-Toc Clock” series. He was appointed as a Sunshine Ambassador for the City of St. Petersburg.

Bria Burton, contributor of Book Buzz: Science Fiction — Burton writes inspirational and speculative fiction (fantasy, science fiction). Her motto, “Rekindle Your Wonder,” stems from her desire to renew a sense of awe and wonder in her readers. She recently interviewed Edward Ashton, whose major feature movie “Mickey 7” is now being filmed in England.

Bill Larson, the Legal Eagle — Bill Larson of Larson & Larson answers questions from listeners about how to protect intellectual property, with a focus on the legal-related aspects of writing and publishing.

In addition to those who contribute to “Joy on Paper,” there are other special people Patzi met along the way:

Juan Felipe Herrera — “When I was a teenager, I listened to a handsome young poet wearing a red bandanna recite his poetry on the streets of Berkeley. I would never have imagined that one day I would be interviewing him — Juan Felipe Herrera, Poet Laureate of the United States.”

Carol J. Perry — Patzi’s first in-studio guest. Carol has two series going and received the coveted Starred Review for the first book in her “Haunted Haven” series.

Eugenia Lovett West — Author of “Firewall,” a mystery about cybercrime. West celebrated her 100th birthday in February. She is currently working on a sequel to her Revolutionary War spy thriller, “Sarah’s War.”

Lee Child — “Who knew that while I lived in England Jim Grant (a.k.a. Lee Child) was working at Granada Television as a producer and would soon be fired, eventually inspiring him to pen the Jack Reacher series. It was fun to connect with Lee as a guest for an hour-long birthday interview.”

Andrew Child — Also known as Andrew Grant, Drew is now guardian of his brother’s Jack Reacher franchise. He and his wife Tasha Alexander are both best-selling authors. They were Patzi’s guests on her seventh anniversary show.

Margaret George — Author of “The Autobiography of Henry VIII” and “Confessions of Young Nero,” among others. “I had read every book she wrote and was so excited to interview her — and then visit her at home in Wisconsin, where she made me a proper British High Tea.”

“One of my most precious golden threads is Cyrus Friedheim, who wrote a book called ‘Commit & Deliver.’ He was the Vice Chairman of Booz, Allen and Hamilton, the great consulting firm. This interview was so much fun for me because I worked for Booz-Allen, when I moved to San Francisco. I was so poor that I didn’t have enough for a security deposit on an apartment, so for three months I slept in the office.”

Another of Patzi’s golden threads is Robert L. Dilenschneider, who writes about people who made a difference in this world. He is the founder of the Dilenschneider Group and is one of the world’s foremost communication gurus and leadership coaches.

While interviewing more than 1,500 authors during the past eight years, Patzi is always asked about her name.

“Why is it PatZi with a Z? It’s because Jimmy Hoffa gave me the name,” she explains. “When I was a little girl, my father would take me to his Teamster local headquarters and whenever Jimmy saw me he would say: ‘Two bits, four bits, six bits a dollar — if you don’t give me a hug, I’m gonna holler’.”

ABOUT: “Joy On Paper” is broadcast in the Tampa Bay area on 1340-AM and 106.1-FM.

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