TUCSON, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, March 13, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — As women living in a demanding power-driven hustle culture, we are consistently faced with a multitude of uncertainties and challenges both personally and professionally. While trying to keep up with the demands and pressures of our careers, raising our children, managing our homes, and taking on the emotional toll of our loved ones, eventually our well-being starts to deteriorate. In response to this overwhelming stress, more and more of us are turning to mindfulness, the basic ability to be fully present, in order to remove mental barriers, reduce stress, increase our inner peace and joy, meet challenges head on, and love life again.

Rouchelle Cota is a highly regarded Mindfulness coach dedicated to helping us live our best lives.

“My role as a mindfulness coach is to work with women who are incessantly struggling with the feeling and emotions like we are never enough, to break free of negative and unhelpful thought patterns, and reframing negative inner thoughts and behavioral patterns. It’s not about dealing with our jobs, relationships, but rather focusing on the emotions we experience and how we react to all these challenges. I’m passionate about helping people with pain reclaim their lives. By helping you navigate through your journey of self-discovery you will begin to feel magnificently empowered to clarify, explore, unlock your full potential, and refocus your thinking.”

According to Rouchelle, having a positive mindset is everything and will absolutely change your life for the better as you begin to live more purposefully. In fact once you start to practice it and incorporate it daily we literally become the most magnificent version of ourselves without harsh judgment.

Rouchelle decided to become a Mindfulness Coach based on her own experiences, struggles, heartaches, and ultimate path of self-acceptance and love. Earlier in her life, as she grappled with life’s challenges, she was devastated to discover that her husband had a serious porn addiction. Feeling shocked and deeply wounded by his betrayal, no matter how many couples therapy sessions her and her husband attended, she couldn’t shake the horrible feelings of anger, resentment, and depression which eventually began to take its toll on her. In fact, soon after, Rouchelle was diagnosed with cancer and although she was fortunate it was caught in the early stages, she continued to battle ongoing health issues like depression, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, which she was convinced was exacerbated by her terrible stress. It was when she discovered the extraordinary power of mindfulness it was when her life began to flourish and finally she felt connected to her deeper sense of self and feel gratitude for the valuable lessons she learned. Today, she is helping hundreds of women also shift their mindset by helping us design an actionable plan that absolutely works. Rouchelle has learned to create a life she loves, to go from surviving to thriving, and she wants to help us do the same. By supporting women to tap into their amazing inner wisdom and capabilities, the results have been remarkable.

Rouchelle also says we spend lots of wasted energy on trying to change people, particularly our significant others, and this is a fruitless effort. But the great news is that we can take control of our own lives by focusing on ourselves. It’s about reframing our mindset and thoughts. Changing you!

Rouchelle cautions us on self-sabotaging behavior that lead to maladaptive behaviors and addictions such as binge drinking, over eating, and vaping to cope with our daily challenges. These addictions, in fact, don’t just negatively harm the person, but the entire family.

“There is so much shame in dealing with addictions and I intend to disrupt the cycle of shame. People are suffering in silence and it is critical to reach out with an open heart and conquer your fears so you can find positivity and counteract negativity that will keep us grounded.”

Rouchelle accomplishes this by encouraging us to open ourselves up to the opportunity to get our groove back by putting a positive spin on any situation without dwelling on the past or imagining the future. Instead we are focused on the now and embracing every moment of living.

“As your dedicated coach, I am not focused on telling you what to do but to ask you thought-provoking questions so we can dig deep and uncover solutions that are inside of us. My mission and purpose is to help as many people as I can because as women we must realize we are nurturing, we have an inner radiance that lights up the world, and we are infinitely enough.”

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