Conquer Hard Times by Matt Jordan

The book is set to be the top hit of this year, where readers can learn all the secrets to thriving in life while embracing storms.

WAPPINGERS FALLS, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, March 13, 2023 / — Conquer Hard Times by Matt Jordan is a sequel to his first book, ‘Unleash Godly Power,’ which discusses the effective strategies that can help an individual thrive spiritually. Challenges are a constant part of life, and giving up should never be an option. Everyone is going through their fair share of problems, and it is vital to learn the strategies to overcome them. The author emphasized the significance of raising one’s level of consciousness through relaxation and mindfulness strategies. And to support his narrative, he has even shared his Model of Consciousness, derived from the Bible, modern psychology and personal experience.

The book further explains the positive outcomes of daily mindfulness practices that assist in dealing with experiences of depression and anxiety. Living in a society bombarded with all the factors that increase an individual’s stress levels, it is vital to know problem-solving strategies to effectively face tough times. The author also explains in detail the efficacious ways of building pathways for oneself that can allow people to become resilient, an element extremely necessary to tackle unavoidable troubles and prepare for the future.

The art of learning ways to control our level of consciousness directly affects our relationships with happiness, health and success. The author has created a chart demonstrating the struggles one might face in getting the Godly power through the scriptures from the spirit within the body and mind.

Hard times are unpreventable; Jordan’s new book is more than a mere self-help book. It is a collection of wise thoughts, experiences, and exhortations that enable a person to get up confidently. Life has a nature of beating us down, and every time an individual tries to stand up, it comes back with a greater challenge, to hit harder than the previous time. Jordan has utilized his extensive knowledge and practical guidance to assist people in unlocking their true inner power.

About The Author:

The love of writing led Matt Jordan to write another masterpiece, “Conquer Hard Times,” guiding people to take control of consciousness. His interest in reading self-help books and in infinite power motivated him to write something equally, if not more, influential and impactful. After working his way through education and discharging from Army, he decided to create a simple plan. After almost 40 years of consistent hard work and study, Jordan decided to share this information in the form of books so everyone could benefit from them.

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