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A week of celebration will ensue.

This is more than a job for us. We really do feel that the soul of the republic is in the crosshairs right now, and we want to bring enough light to the problems of the country to save it.”
— Hank Rearden, host of “The Rearden Report” podcast on CONK! News

WASHINGTON, DC, US, March 13, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — CONK! News, arguably the most comprehensive conservative news aggregator currently on the World Wide Web, celebrates the two-year anniversary of its founding this coming week with special celebrations on all three of its produced podcasts.

“We opened on Monday, March 15th, 2021,” said CONK! News Editor-in-Chief Jim Peters, “and as of next Wednesday the 15th we will have produced 367 original podcast episodes in two years, not to mention the year of live shows we did on BlogTalkRadio. We are proud of our website, and we are proud of the podcasts and radio shows we have produced during this time.” Peters went on to point out that, according to Google Analytics, currently 73% of visitors to conk.news come back – “which, if you know anything about the internet business, is an astonishing number.”

Hank Rearden, CONK!’s resident “fulfillment journalist” and host of “The Rearden Report” weekly podcast on CONK! News, said, “This is more than a job for us. We really do feel that the soul of the republic is in the crosshairs right now, and we want to bring enough light to the problems of the country to save it.”

CONK! News maintains a stable of regular writers and podcast guests it calls CONK! News Contributors, and the first one so anointed was Tim Conaway, career magazine editor who was Executive Editor of Hustler Magazine for Larry Flynt at the height of its popularity in the 1980s and 90s. Commenting on CONK!’s two-year anniversary, Conaway said, “CONK! News is the best resource I have found for linking to conservative journalism on the web. I follow link after link every day to excellent coverage of politics, business and industry from a conservative view. These sources have well-crafted reporting and insightful opinions.”

Acclaimed economist and CONK! News Contributor Dr. Murray Sabrin said, “CONK! News is a must go-to website to stay on the top of the news every day. Starting each day with CONK! News on your computer or laptop gives you the information you need to make sense of our topsy-turvy country. Hosts Jim Peters, Hank Rearden and the other podcasters deliver outstanding programs with insightful guests.”

Launched in March 2021, CONK! NEWS is already the premiere conservative/libertarian news aggregator on the web, collecting headlines, photos, podcasts and videos from over 200 news sources every three hours. CONK! News also produces three original podcasts each week: “In The Dark” is hosted by CONK! News Editor-in-Chief Jim Peters, where he and his guests talk about both politics and the paranormal every Monday; “The Rearden Report” features the unique opinions of popular “fulfillment journalist” Hank Rearden and appears every Wednesday; and their flagship podcast, “CONK! News Weekend”, a weekly panel discussion featuring CONK! News staff, contributors and guests, is available for download on Friday mornings. The CONK! News podcasts have already distinguished themselves within the radio and podcast industries for mixing serious conservative opinion with lively conversation and spontaneous humor.

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