Chestnut Hill Technologies (CHT) was honored to attend a fundraising event for the Alzheimer’s Association of Southeast, Florida.

PALM BEACH COUNTY, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, March 14, 2023 / — There are currently an estimated 6.5 million patients living with Alzheimer’s Disease in the United States. This is a terminal illness that affects cognitive function, mental health, and overall quality of life. Medical experts fear that these numbers could triple over the next few decades.

The Alzheimer’s Association of Southeast Florida recently hosted a fundraising event to raise awareness for the illness. The Alzheimer’s Association is a non-profit organization that provides educational tools and resources for patients, caregivers, and their families. The association also keeps the community up-to-date on Alzheimer’s and Dementia-related news, including the latest in treatment and research developments.

The association recently hosted an event to raise funds for disease research. Thousands of companies and individuals gathered at the event to show their support for the Alzheimer’s community.

Jack McCarthy, the founding partner of CHT, was grateful for the opportunity to attend, sponsor, and speak at the event. CHT is a technology consulting firm that helps businesses utilize the cloud and optimize technological resources. This is essential in medical processes, including disease research and the fight for a cure.

CHT strongly supports the Alzheimer’s Association and the ultimate goal of finding a cure for this insidious disease. CHT encourages other organizations to step up and contribute to a world without Alzheimer’s disease. We continue to get one step closer to a cure as research progresses. The tech expert also revealed the Alzheimer’s Executive Committee has invited him to join the 2023 Board.

Any individual or organization that is interested in contributing to the Alzheimer’s Association Southeast can donate online. Local residents are also encouraged to contribute to volunteer and advocacy programs in their communities.

More About Chestnut Hill Technologies

Chestnut Hill Technologies is a technology consulting firm that helps businesses meet their IT software needs for efficient, scalable, effective solutions. CHT technology consultants provide brands with an extensive list of premier services.

CHT Premier Service List:
– Cloud Services
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– Enterprise Planning Software (ERP) Integration
– Penetration Testing
– Risk Management
– Security Assessments
– Software Optimization
– Strategic Planning
– Other Digital Efficient Solutions

CHT serves businesses across a wide range of industries, including banking, e-commerce, education, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, and more. Any business that is interested in learning more can reach a CHT tech professional online or by calling 954-928-8281.

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