STAMFORD, CONNECTICUT, UNITED STATES, May 16, 2023/ — Communications is the foundation for many successful leaders. Being an effective communicator is key to an organization’s bottom line and overall success. From our tone of voice, facial expressions, eye contact, to our body language, expressing ourselves empathetically and professionally is vital to engage with clients. And with the rise of remote and hybrid work, now more than ever it’s an essential to build communication skills. But the stark reality is that not all Executives or those in leadership roles have the knack and innate ability to come across effectively, but the great news is we all have the potential to become better communicators and one of the best ways is by working with a highly regarded experienced professional that can help us learn to communicate better and maximize our personal and professional potential.

Cathy Bonczek is a highly sought-after Executive Communications Coach and owner and founder of CCB Communications LLC.

“My role as an Executive coach is specializing in helping my clients, who are pre dominantly in finance services, hedge funds, private equities and so forth, improve their communication skills and leadership competence. I work on the fundamentals of how people present themselves as well as with a wide variety of other skill sets such fundraising, how to talk like a pro on stage to investors at meetings, and with leadership presentations. When a leader conveys information to inspire, build, and foster a sense of collaboration and establish trust, it motivates employees, improving company culture which in turn supports a diverse workforce and better performance. It is a win-win for everyone.”

Cathy draws on her many years of experience as a banker and regional leader, where she engaged in daily face-to-face interactions and leadership discussions. In addition, she has a background as a trained actress and singer. During her successful banking career, she soon realized that as skilled as she was at her job, her forte was being a strong communicator and she wanted to follow her purpose and passion by helping others master the art of verbal and non- verbal communication. Today, she is helping hundreds of leaders hone their abilities and acquire exemplary communication skills because she recognizes it is one of the most important qualities a leader can have.

Because she has always worked internationally, Cathy has been utilizing ZOOM for many years so she also assists her clients to be more personable and well-spoken on ZOOM, for instance on how to show up on camera and have a professional presence.

“I coach Executives as a communications expert but because the nature of what I do it is very personal I pursued a certification in Narrative Coaching (established by David Drake) which is coaching that helps people use their authentic stories to find their own voice and cultivate and refine human experience. This understanding underpins the work I do to help encourage leaders to relay information, thoughts, and ideas that can transforms organizations. My goal is to help my clients maximize their communication skills so keenly and engage their audience so masterfully that they look like the they were born with it.”

Cathy also works with leaders on Executive Presence, or exuding self-confidence, she teaches a leadership program for women to help them hone their communication skills and to lead assertively, unapologetically and joyfully.

“My tagline is ‘The Art of Executive communication,’ because to communicate well is an act of artistic expression, just like just like painting, sculpting, singing and dancing. We all have a message that can be openly and beautifully expressed.”

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