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Frederick Penney’s book, Goose has hit Amazon’s number one best seller in several categories

Goose is the most joyful and life-affirming books I have ever read. Penney is right. Your possibilities are only limited by your imagination. Pure genius.”
— Mark Victor Hansen, #1 NYT Chicken Soup For The Soul


Frederick Penney’s book, Goose has hit Amazon’s number one best seller in several categories

Goose, the three-book series has recently been released by author Frederick Penney and his publisher Mark Victor Hansen Library. Frederick Penney, a personal injury lawyer in California has always had a desire to tell his story and tell it in a manner that makes the reader wanting more. Well, it has happened. Goose, the first book of the trilogy has already only after a few weeks reached the number one best seller list on Amazon in several categories. Just a few categories include number one best seller in new releases Western U.S. Biography’s, in the paperback and kindle categories. The book has reached number one and other lofty statuses in many other categories, too numerous to mention. The book is now available as an audio book on Amazon and other places that books are sold.

This exciting and intriguing book centers around the Collins family, especially the fictional character of William Collins who is celebrating his 75th birthday. Collins, a successful businessman, attorney, and philanthropist has reached the ripe old age of 75 but is still seeking to build his businesses yet keep himself anchored in his family and roots as a humble simple country boy. Book one talks about this interesting day that flashes back and forth from the present 75th birthday to his childhood as a humble country boy living in a very small northern California farm town.

Author Frederick Penney wanted to help others by telling his story of success as a businessman and successful attorney but did not want to make the book about him. He wanted to help others learn from his lifelong experiences and important things he has learned along with way without talking about Frederick Penney the businessman and lawyer. After a lengthy search and struggles with wondering how to get his message across he found what he was looking for. With the help of his publisher the idea was hatched to center the three-book series around the life of a fictional character that had the same attributes of the Author Frederick Penney. Mr. Penney stated. “This is a way I found to tell my story and yet not talk about myself. I found it was a way to help others potentially become successful by learning lifelong lessons and yet enjoying an interesting and somewhat suspenseful story about the Collins family.”

Having grown up on a small farm in Northern California and becoming a successful businessman and attorney, Mr. Penney sought out the help of his friend Mark Victor Hansen, the New York Times best selling author of Chicken Soup for The Soul. Mark’s publishing company, the Mark Victor Hansen Library, has been instrumental in helping Mr. Penney get his story out to those who want to hear how a small-town country boy could make it in business and law.

Though already a success, Goose the book will be followed up by two more books in the trilogy. Book two that is slated to be released the first or quarter of 2023 will be about William Collins life growing up on a small northern California farm learning life lessons including how to work hard at a very young age. Literally, Mr. Collings goes from picking peaches for local farms in the field to flying in private jets in his later life. How did this come about and what can someone learn from William Collins to help them succeed in life, business and even the law? Book two will explore the early lessons that children, teenagers and even young adults can use to help build their foundation to reach the loftiest goals. This book is great for most teenage and adult readers. The reader will find out that life and building a business is not easy, but the rewards are beyond anyone’s greatest desires.

Book three that is slated to be released in the second or third quarter of 2023 will focus on William Collin’s life from a young adult to his late fifty’s. Taking in his struggles and successes in life that will allow the reader to learn how to succeed in business and their personal life. Coming from nothing made it easier for Mr. Collins to succeed as he did not have to have things, or riches to live, but instead took the small amounts of monies he made and began to build business and law firms that would someday be admired by many. The readers will learn that Mr. Collins believes that there are no failures in life, just life lessons and experiences. The positive mental attitude of William Collins is infectious and will capture the reader’s attention. Mr. Collin’s stick to it life and endure to the end attitude makes the readers feel that it is ok to not get rich fast but slow steady work can raise one to the top.
New York Times Best Selling Author and world record holder for sale of books, Mark Victor Hansen had this to say about Frederick Penney’s first Goose book. “Goose is the most joyful and life-affirming book I have ever read. Penney is right. Your possibilities are only limited by your imagination. Pure genius.”

The launch and success of the first Goose book has Mr. Penney reeling. “I have finally done it, written my first of three books. Though my focus is squarely on the success of my law firm Penney and Associates and helping others with their legal issues, I have reached another milestone in my life and will continue to reach for the stars in everything I do.”

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