Nicki Gregory Koch Hit Amazon Best-Seller List with Six-Figure Agent

Nicki Gregory Koch – Best Selling Author

TYLER, TX, USA, August 14, 2023/ — Real Estate Agent, Nicki Gregory Koch, Hit Amazon Best-Seller List with Six-Figure Agent. Nicki Gregory Koch, along with a select group of other Leading Real Estate professionals from around the world. The book was published by CelebrityPress® LLC and was released July 20, 2023.

On the day of release, Six-Figure Agent climbed the ranks of the Amazon best-seller charts, securing an impressive #7 in the competitive Buying and Selling Homes category. Not stopping there, it also triumphed in two additional esteemed categories: Marketing and Entrepreneurship, solidifying its place as a multi-faceted best-seller.

Nicki’s chapter, “Three Little Hacks That Changed Everything” has helped the book reach optimal best-seller placement and will help readers gain similar success in their endeavors.

About Nicki
Nicki Gregory Koch grew up in the Panhandle of Texas. She began her real estate career as an investor in 2005 and became a licensed agent in 2011. After being an investor during the ’08 and ’09 crash, she wanted to help others avoid real estate pitfalls. Since then, she has overseen over 60 million dollars in transactions and has worked in residential, commercial, investment, and farm and ranch.

Nicki is a Certified Mentor and a certified eXpress Offers Agent with eXp Realty and is also a Certified Home Buyers Agent and Home Sellers Agent with the National Association of Expert Advisors. Now, she also specializes in helping other agents grow their businesses.

Nicki attributes her success to having positive mindset, an ability to adapt to any situation and/or challenge, and a love for problem solving. One of her favorite things to say is “Everything is figuroutable”.
Nicki is passionate about finding ways to help agents use their business as a platform to make the world a better place. This is what led her to become the founder of Agents ACT-Agents Against Child Trafficking, is the first real estate led initiative to fight child trafficking and is what drives her in everything else that she does.

Nicki and her husband James, also a licensed real estate agent, live in West Texas. They love traveling to the mountains, cooking, modern design, and working on their 60’s home in the country. Nicki and James also love spending time with their 4 kids and dogs and running their multiple businesses.

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