AnotherZero’s Game-Changing System Doubles Leads and Sales for Personal Injury Lawyers on InstagramTM , With $0 Ad Spend

UNITED STATES, August 14, 2023/ — AnotherZero, a breakthrough start-up founded by Nicolos Abelian, has recently developed an innovative proprietary system revolutionizing the personal injury law industry. By leveraging the power of organic lead generation on InstagramTM, personal injury lawyers, and law firms can now 2x their leads and sales without any paid advertising.

Unlike traditional lead generation strategies, AnotherZero’s unique, tailor-made system focuses on attracting high-quality organic leads and creating a reliable, automated pipeline for consistent results. The company’s impressive success stories speak volumes, with clients such as Astraia Law seeing a growth of 20k InstagramTM followers in just two weeks. These real, engaged followers have translated into a whopping 2x increase in both leads and sales for Astraia Law. Their reliance on paid advertising channels has been significantly reduced due to the effectiveness of AnotherZero’s strategy.

Nicolos Abelian, the visionary entrepreneur behind AnotherZero, highlights the impact of their system on law firms: “After building multiple 7 and 8 figure companies, we figured out the best way to create an undeniable competitive advantage for law firms that continues to deliver and grow their bottom line without spending $1 on ads.”

In addition to their revolutionary lead generation system, AnotherZero also offers unparalleled SEO and PR services to further cement their clients’ positions within the industry. By advocating for exclusive awards, securing articles written by prominent journalists, and acquiring features in 100+ news sites, AnotherZero has helped their clients – including Astraia Law – attract larger cases, showcase their authority, and establish trust with potential clients.

For those seeking to explore this game-changing opportunity, Nicolos Abelian invites personal injury lawyers and law firms to DM him on InstagramTM at or email the team at

Nicolos Abelian

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