“So Long My Daughter” Sweeps Independent Shorts Awards and Earns Nomination at Lift-Off Film Festival, Tokyo

“So Long, My Daughter” Film Poster – A stunning visual presentation of the emotional journey in the film.

Film Still – A beautiful moment from “So Long, My Daughter”, illustrating the intricacies of the mother-daughter relationship.

Behind the Scenes – Capturing the intense dynamic between the mother and daughter characters during an emotionally charged scene.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, August 13, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — “So Long My Daughter”, an evocative and emotionally charged short film, has made a sweeping impact at the Independent Shorts Awards, winning the Silver Award for Best Original Story and Best Student Director (Male), as well as the Bronze Award for Best Student Short. The film has also secured a nomination for the Online Audience Choice Award for Short Live Action Narratives at the Lift-Off Film Festival, Tokyo.

“So Long My Daughter” is a captivating story centered on a mother-daughter relationship. The film explores cultural and generational conflicts, as well as personal and societal expectations. It beautifully encapsulates the struggle of an ambitious young woman, Siqi Lee, rebelling against her traditional Chinese “tiger mom”.

Lead actress comments on her character, “Siqi Lee, is a rebel with a free and passionate soul. She believes in bettering the world, is a leader and a fighter. As much as she argues with her mom, she tries to make her mom understand herself and wishes to share her joys and victories.”

The film’s cinematography is celebrated for its beautiful lighting and frames, particularly the scene where Siqi and her mother discuss where to live in America. The film concludes on a poignant note, leaving the audience contemplating the delicate complexities of familial relationships.

On set, the memorable and emotionally charged “big fight” scene between the mother and Siqi drew all attention. Both actresses gave their all in each take, making for an intense and unforgettable experience.

Producer Frederic Golchan praised the lead actress’s performance, noting her impressive eye expressions.

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