94 Year old Florida Man Breaks his Own World Record

Efrayim Fischbacher, before his legendary “Big Concert”, in Naples, Florida.

I’ve never signed anything like this before!”
— Jason Miles

NAPLES, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, August 13, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Efrayim Fischbacher, The legendary “World’s Loudest Clarinet Player” breaks his own record at 94 years old

Efrayim Fischbacher is thrilled to announce an extraordinary milestone in the world of music. Efrayim Fischbacher, the iconic veteran clarinetist and master repairman, has achieved an awe-inspiring feat by breaking his own record as the “World’s Loudest Clarinet Player” at the remarkable age of 94.

Efrayim Fischbacher’s exceptional talent and passion for music have earned him a well-deserved reputation as a true virtuoso. Over 50 years ago, he set a record for the loudest clarinet performance, captivating audiences worldwide with his extraordinary artistry. Now, at 94 years old, Efrayim has redefined what it means to be a musical legend by surpassing his own record, an achievement that has left the music community astounded and inspired.

To celebrate this historic moment and commemorate Efrayim Fischbacher’s remarkable journey, Regal Records proudly presents the release of “The Volume and Artistry of Efrayim Fischbacher” album, featuring Jason Miles. This exceptional collection showcases the immense depth and legendary volume of his music, inviting audiences to experience the magic of a living legend.

As the producer, arranger, and clarinet genius behind this extraordinary project, Efrayim Fischbacher collaborated with the skilled up-and-coming Jason Miles, who inspired the technical aspects of the album. The mixing duties will be entrusted to the talented Jimmy Brallower, resulting in a seamless and mesmerizing musical experience.

In recognition of his incredible achievement and as a gesture of gratitude to the music community, all proceeds from the album will be donated to the Wood-wind Charity—a collective of industry professionals, musicians, and supporters dedicated to supporting musicians in need and fostering opportunities within the woodwind music community.

Efrayim Fischbacher’s journey is a testament to the enduring power of music to inspire and uplift, transcending age and challenges. His remarkable feat serves as an inspiration to musicians and music lovers alike, proving that passion and dedication know no bounds.

“The Volume and Artistry of Efrayim Fischbacher” – featuring Jason Miles, invites listeners to be a part of this historic moment and celebrate the brilliance of a living legend. Through this album, Efrayim Fischbacher leaves a lasting impact, inspiring generations to come and reminding the world that music has the power to break barriers and touch hearts.

For more information and updates, please visit: https://efrayimfischbacherfeaturingjasonmiles.bandcamp.com/album/the-artistry-and-volume-of-efrayim-fischbacher

About Efrayim Fischbacher:

Efrayim Fischbacher is a veteran clarinetist and master repairman with a remarkable repertoire of solo works and collaborations. His passion for music and belief in its power to inspire and uplift drive this extraordinary project.

About the Wood-wind Charity:

The Wood-wind Charity is a collective of industry professionals, musicians, and supporters working to address the needs of the woodwind music community and provide support and opportunities for musicians in need.

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Efrayim Fischbacher
The World’s Loudest Clarinet Player™ I wouldn’t say I’m the GREATEST clarinet player in the world, but let’s just say I’m up there. I have a particular interest in collecting polka music and beautiful women. In my early 70’s I found a passion for collecting clarinets. I am a musician and a beginner at clarinet repair, a field where I feel I have a God-given talent and gift.

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