Willingboro NJ Hardscape Business Achieves Remarkable Growth Through Innovative Digital Strategy

Facebook Ad Creative Used To Help Drive Leads

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Beautified Design & Build, a premier hardscaping contractor in Willingboro, NJ, has partnered with Strategic Visibility to revitalize its business.

WILLINGBORO, NJ, UNITED STATES, August 11, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — In a transformative success story, Beautified Design & Build, a premier hardscaping contractor in Willingboro, NJ, has soared to new heights through a dynamic digital marketing partnership with Strategic Visibility. The collaboration, marked by a surge in leads and revenue, underscores the potential of strategic innovation in today’s competitive landscape.

Beautified Design & Build, a prominent hardscaping contractor located in the heart of Willingboro, NJ, has emerged as a beacon of success, showcasing the prowess of strategic digital marketing in a challenging market. A partnership with Strategic Visibility, a revered marketing agency based in Rome, GA, proved to be the catalyst for a remarkable growth trajectory.

The hardscaping industry in Willingboro was characterized by stiff competition and limited leads, an ordeal that Beautified Design & Build faced head-on. The company’s founder, Domonique Moore , noted, “We were grappling with a sluggish business pace and a shortage of viable leads. Our efforts to revamp marketing had previously fallen short.”

The collaboration with Strategic Visibility yielded a transformative solution. Through a targeted Facebook Ad Lead Generation campaign, the hardscaping contractor witnessed an unprecedented influx of high-intent leads, a testament to the power of precision-targeted digital marketing. “The surge in leads was remarkable, breathing new life into our business,” remarked Dom.

Within a mere 14 days, the campaign yielded an impressive 49 high-intent leads. With expertly crafted ad copy and captivating imagery, the partnership between Beautified Design & Build and Strategic Visibility generated over $60,000 in pipeline revenue through the successful closure of more than 10 new projects.

Domonique expressed profound satisfaction, “The results exceeded our expectations, and the revenue surge has been a game-changer. Our collaboration with Strategic Visibility allowed us to focus on our core competencies while they managed our marketing efforts.”

The success story continues as Beautified Design & Build maintains a steady flow of leads, affirming the enduring impact of their partnership with Strategic Visibility. The journey showcases how correct digital marketing can propel businesses to new heights, transforming challenges into opportunities for growth.

For more information about Beautified Design & Build and Strategic Visibility’s success story, please visit their full case study HERE.

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Beautified Design & Build is a reputable hardscaping contractor located in Willingboro, NJ, specializing in crafting exquisite outdoor living spaces using expert landscaping and hardscaping techniques.

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