PRIVO & Atomic Biometrics Strike Alliance to Protect Children Online

PRIVO & Atomic Biometrics

PRIVO Identity Management and Parent Permission to Partner with Atomic Biometrics “Proof of Personhood” without Retained PII

Kids and even parents fib. With our Atomic partnership, we can be sure we are registering the right person associated with that child as parent or guardian.”
— Denise G. Tayloe, CEO, PRIVO

UNITED STATES, August 9, 2023/ — Washington, DC and Baltimore –August 9— Privacy Vaults Online (PRIVO), a Falls Church, Va.-based FTC Safe Harbor company focused on children’s privacy protection and parent permission and Atomic Biometrics, a Severna Park-area company with a kiosk to read specific biomarkers like iris and fingerprint identification, have agreed to a strategic alliance to prove parents are providing children with their permission to play games or engage in social media.

Parent permission is required by law, including under the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, COPPA, and PRIVO is creating age awareness and a parent registry to meet federal updates like KOSA and numerous state laws on kids’ privacy.

Biometrics requires personal identification including reading the eye or fingerprinting. Atomic will glean this information quickly, from parents, with one pass-through every ten years. The company is known for moving large populations through its biometrics process without retaining the individual’s personally identifiable information (PII). In dealing with children and parents, simple biometric reading without PII is a preferred solution for safe engagement.

“I am so pleased to partner with Atomic Biometrics globally to assure our companies for whom we provide comprehensive privacy protection audits and our parents who trust PRIVO to offer permission for their children to engage in social media or gaming— that the person behind the curtain is actually the parent or guardian,” said Denise Tayloe, CEO of PRIVO and a 20-year veteran in serving large kids’ focused organizations since COPPA was enacted.

“We are a large-scale biometrics and personal identification company accustomed to dealing with mass transit companies, larger mining or industrial companies and firms that require proof of personhood before allowing entrance or engagement,” said Gordon Triplett, CEO of Atomic Biometrics and a long-time cybersecurity expert in the Baltimore-Washington area. “Now, with our agreement with PRIVO, we get to help kids and parents deal with the online universe more safely and securely.”

PRIVO and Atomic Biometrics have agreed to share their patented technologies to fully integrate a parent registry and identity management reader to make sure those complying with federal and state regulations are indeed “whom they say they are” at the door.

“Kids and even parents fib,” noted Tayloe. “They want access to the big kids’ games or social play areas and our clients are trying to remain compliant with the law and provide age-appropriate content. With our Atomic partnership, we can be sure we are registering the right person associated with that child as parent or guardian.”

Atomic Biometrics recently presented its kiosk and patented biometric reader technology at the Connectpreneur program at the Universities at Shady Grove, Md. campus and received strong interest from investors and distributors.

“We met with Denise Tayloe at the recent angel fair in Rockville on-campus and just felt like PRIVO was a match made in heaven,” added Triplett.


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