Ultipa closes major deals, signing up new enterprise customers, releasing global partners programs

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Ultipa closes major deals in the 1st half of 2023, signing up new enterprise customers, releasing global partners program, and certification/training programs.

There’re few graph vendors out there offering great computing power and usability, and we are happy that Ultipa product & services are satisfactory. The generational gaps shown by Ultipa is amazing.”
— James S.C.

PLEASANTON, CALIFORNIA, USA, August 8, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Sources close to the core team of Ultipa have shared the following news:
1. Ultipa has recently signed major deals with several large enterprise customers, the annualized deal size is well over a million dollars.
2. Ultipa has been working closely with global partners including several conglomerates to deepen and broaden their mutual interest in serving the supply-chain, BFSI, entertainment and various other industries.
3. Ultipa’s certification/training program have been gaining tractions with partners/prospects, it paves the road for mastering Ultipa tech stack and smoothening the digital transformation process.

It is also learned that, as a category-defining deep-tech innovator, Ultipa has been promoting the Graph XAI concept and showcasing its Graph-XAI product values, to summarize, the advantages of Graph-XAI:
1. White-box/Explainability: Augmenting existing AI/ML/LLM/GPT frameworks w/ both traceability and attribution-analysis capabilities.
2. Exponential Speed/Computing-Power Advantages: 10x to 1,000s of times faster than other graph platforms, with lower carbon-emission/footprint.
3. Flexibility in Data Modeling: The high-dimensional graph data-modeling.

The advantages are fully embedded in Ultipa’s graph XAI/database toolchains, noticeably:
* The real-time Ultipa graph computing engine
* The all-in-one (graph DBMS) Ultipa Manager: Low-code, intuitive, and extremely powerful for hands-on deep/graph analytics (networked analysis).
* The world’s richest collection of 100+ graph algorithms — lightning-fast, hot-pluggable and extensible Ultipa graph algos.
* The GQL-compatible and highly-intuitive/expressive Ultipa Query Language: features like demi-schema, intra-step filtering, and ultra-deep link analysis are just examples showing how Ultipa Graph can make your life so much easier.

These product-n-technology advantages are directly translated into Ultipa’s capability to create innovative solutions with customers and partners, ranging from BFSI, supply-chain, RegTech and many other broad-spectrum markets — the general consensus in the industry is that: To avoid GIGO (Garbage-in & garbage out) dilemma with AI/Big-Data, graph is the way to go, which offers 2 salient rescues: A. Explainable results and intermediate processes; B. Faster/timely results via graph-accelerated network analysis. At the end of the day, it’s still the faster (fastest) graph that matters.

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