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GEORGE TOWN, GRAND CAYMAN, GRAND CAYMAN, August 8, 2023/ — The InterWorld Metaverse team is thrilled to announce the publication of its Litepaper, available now on This document sheds light on the depth and breadth of the InterWorld metaverse, a captivating 3D virtual world built on the Abey blockchain and powered by AIGC (AI Generated Content).

Diving deep into a digital universe constructed atop Unreal Engine 5, InterWorld is not just another virtual space. It is a meticulously crafted parallel universe where users can live, work, and revel in breathtaking virtual reality.

Own the Experience: At the heart of InterWorld, users have the privilege to gain citizenship. By acquiring land PLOTs and structures, they embrace a host of rights and privileges. The dynamic economy of InterWorld allows users to earn a daily income simply by staying active and making the most of countless opportunities. Additionally, the world offers a platform for creators and developers to craft, share, and profit from their own unique creations.

Detail-rich Customizations: InterWorld delivers unmatched customization for users. Whether it’s building structures for living, working, or entertainment, or acquiring assets like furnishings, cars, boats, helicopters, and jets, the virtual world is teeming with amazing interactable and transferable assets.

Unlimited Business Opportunities: As InterWorld’s user base expands, businesses can unlock infinite opportunities to advertise, set up shops, and offer services. From e-commerce, meetings and events, training and education, sports, music, art, health/wellness, fitness, and virtually any product or service imaginable, InterWorld is reshaping how people will connect, interact and how businesses will operate in the future. The possibilities are infinite.

The Vision of InterWorld:

InterWorld is a vast digital frontier that not only offers a vast number of experiences, fine-tuned to individual needs with AI-assisted content creation.

– AIGC – (AI Generated Content)
– Integrated Virtual Shopping & E-commerce
– State-of-the-art Virtual Office Suites
– Events and Meeting Spaces
– Cutting-edge, AI-powered Education
– Engaging Gaming Experiences
– Virtual Health & Wellness Platforms

Join the revolution and explore the future, today. For more details, visit

About InterWorld:

InterWorld is a groundbreaking virtual space where users and businesses come together in a three-dimensional, AI-powered digital universe, built on the Abey blockchain, InterWorld is where the real and virtual worlds converge in breathtaking, vivid realism.

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