Ford Service Coupon Promotes Working with The Works® for Convenient Car Maintenance

Regular oil changes are one of the most crucial parts of vehicle maintenance.

A Ford service center provides excellent care for all kinds of vehicles.

Brake checks are just one of the many services offered in The Works package.

For customers who struggle with remembering every aspect of vehicle care, Ford Service Coupon offers a sensible service package with all the essentials.

CINCINNATI, OHIO, UNITED STATES, August 7, 2023/ — Trying to remember all of the different aspects of car maintenance can be a huge hassle, especially if a person isn’t well-versed in vehicle care. A driver may remember common upkeep duties such as oil changes or tire pressure checks, but they may forget to test their battery on a regular basis, and they may not be aware at all of the necessity for routine belts and hoses checks.

Thankfully, there are several Ford dealerships across the country that provide thorough check-ups for vehicles of all kinds. And, luckily for forgetful or busy drivers, these check-ups include more than just basic procedures like tire rotations. Just like a human being needs regular exams to keep their health in good condition, so does a car, which is why Ford Service Coupon wants more drivers to know about the convenient maintenance services that come with Ford’s exclusive The Works® package.

Driver’s Delight – What Works in The Works Service Package

The Works package comes with the following services:
– Tire rotation
– Pressure check
– Fluid top-off
– Filter check
Battery test
Brake inspection
– Belts and hoses check
– Up to six quarts of Motorcraft® oil and a Motorcraft oil filter

Perhaps the “star” of The Works package is the oil change. Anyone who owns a gasoline-fueled car will eventually need one, whether they like it or not. Oil changes are a common and crucial aspect of vehicle maintenance, but they are often overlooked or put off by drivers.

In fact, many drivers don’t change their oil because they don’t know they need to, they are too busy, or they are worried about the cost. Some people may not fully understand how important regular oil changes are for keeping their car in good shape, and others may find it hard to keep up with regular maintenance because of how busy their lives are.

However, oil changes are one of the most important things a person can do to keep their car running well and make it last longer. Engine oil acts as a lubricant to reduce friction between moving parts and keep them from wearing out too quickly. It also helps get rid of heat and contaminants from the engine, which makes the car use less gas and run better overall.

If a car’s oil doesn’t get changed, it can cause the engine to work harder, overheat, use more gas, and possibly break. By changing the oil at the right time, drivers can make their engine last longer, improve its performance, and avoid costly fixes in the long run.

Motorcraft Oil, Filters, and Even More

In addition to an oil and filter change, The Works provides several other inspections and tests to ensure that every customer’s car is in tip-top condition. For example, customers who purchase The Works will receive tire rotations, which involve moving a car’s tires from one position to another to ensure even wear. This promotes balanced tire wear, extends the life of the tires, and helps maintain optimal handling and traction on the road.

Another feature of The Works is a tire pressure check. Checking tire pressure on a regular basis is important to keep the tires properly inflated. When tires have the correct amount of pressure, they use less gas, handle better, and make the car safer overall by lowering the chance of tire blowouts and accidents. Conversely, underinflated tires can reduce handling and performance, cause internal damage like sidewall flexing, and put additional stress on a car’s suspension system.

Yet another valuable component of The Works is a series of filter checks. Regularly inspecting and replacing air and cabin air filters ensures that the engine receives clean air and that the vehicles’ passengers breathe in purified air. Clean filters also promote better engine performance and protect against dust and allergens.

Taking Care of Business the Ford Way

When drivers don’t have the time or know-how to keep track of all the essential parts of vehicle maintenance, Ford Service Coupon can help. The company’s wide selection of service coupons ensures that customers can get the check-ups their cars need at several convenient locations across the country, including Ford dealerships and Quick Lane® Tire & Auto Centers. This will hopefully encourage more vehicle owners to pay attention to the needs of their cars since they won’t have to sacrifice as much time or money to keep them in good shape.

Affording maintenance service can be difficult for many, but it doesn’t have to be with Ford Service Coupon, a money saving service available to Ford customers across the country, including those in the Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee areas, who need to save on essential auto services. Maintenance is a crucial part in owning any vehicle and Ford Service Coupon aims to help drivers across the country get the services they need the most at a price no one can beat. For more information on how Ford Service Coupon is helping these communities call 859-341-6603 or email them at

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