Helium Trades Unveils Innovative Market Strategies, Democratizes Access to Advanced Models for Retail Traders

Helium Trades has introduced trading strategies for retail traders traditionally limited to institutional investors.

DENVER, CO, USA, August 4, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Helium Trades has introduced a sophisticated approach that equips retail traders with advanced options trading strategies traditionally limited to institutional investors. The new approach focuses on generating returns through selling insurance on the market at attractive prices, optimizing daily for a small defined maximum loss and positive tail convexity.

Utilizing a highly regularized machine learning model on historical options prices, Helium Trades scans all possible options credit ratio spreads, identifying trades that meet a range of carefully balanced criteria, such as high market and Helium expected value, high theta, small vega, and defined risk.

At the heart of the system lies an AI that predicts price over an option’s lifetime, maximizing this value for the long leg of the option and minimizing it for the short leg. The system optimizes for a high premium received and potential annualized return, thus prioritizing selling options that have a high probability of being overvalued.

Each trade comes with a detailed risk profile, including delta, vega, and theta risks, as well as a comparison between market and Helium AI options prices. The performance history of the platform shows the cumulative return if a short volatility trade had been opened each day, providing a comprehensive view of the system’s efficacy.

Helium Trades’ innovative model democratizes access to strategies once only available to large institutions, heralding a new era in retail trading. This marks a significant step forward in leveling the playing field in the financial markets.

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